About Holy Cross Parish

The Catholic Parish of Holy Cross - Redcliffe City and Mango Hill/ North Lakes incorporates the Catholic Communities of Holy Cross, Kippa Ring and Mary Queen of Peace, Woody Point and St Benedicts's, Mango Hill. The Parish has a population in excess of 75,000 people whom nearly 20,000 people are Catholics.


Holy Cross Parish History

The first parish to be established on the Redcliffe Peninsula was at Redcliffe in 1899 with the first church being built on Anzac Ave, Redcliffe in 1900. The Parish of Scarborough began in 1946 under the guidance of Father Frawley. The Parish of Woody Point was also established in 1946 with Father O'Keefe as the Parish Priest. Later in 1949 Father Henry was appointed and established a Presbytery and Mass Centre in Georgina Street and later in 1950 a church at the corner of Collins and Victoria Avenue. This present church "Mary, Queen of Peace" was opened in 1957. The Parish of Kippa Ring/Deception Bay was established in 1974, with Father Des McQuaid as Parish Priest.

In 1988 all four Catholic Communities who gathered at Scarborough, Redcliffe, Woody Point and Kippa Ring, were combined into one Parish which was called the Redcliffe City Catholic Parish. The community who gathered at Deception Bay were placed under the administration of the new Parish Parish - Burpengary and Deception Bay.

In 1996 three of the churches were sold and the parish retained "Mary, Queen of Peace Church" at Woody Point and built a new Church at Kippa Ring "Holy Cross Church" which was opened on 1st November 1998.
On the 8th December 2010; The Archbishop of Brisbane signed the Decreeof Variation of Parish Boundaries for Our Lady of The Way Parish, Petrie and Holy Cross Catholic Parish, Redcliffe City to transfer the region comprising North Lakes, Mango Hill, Griffin and Dohles Rocks from the Petrie Parish to the Redcliffe City Parish.

The Catholic Community of Holy Cross Catholic Parish, Redcliffe City & Mango Hill / North Lakes now gathers at Holy Cross Church, Kippa Ring, Mary Queen of Peace, Woody Point and St Benedict's, Mango Hill.


Parish Boundaries

The Parish Boundaries of the HOLY CROSS CATHOLIC PARISH, Redcliffe City and Mango Hill/ North Lakes - 8th December 2010 are;

Commencing at the intersection of the Bruce Highway and the North Pine River proceed downstream (east) along the shoreline of the Pine River to the intersection with the Houghton Highway. The boundary follows the shore line north from Clontarf, through Woody point, Margate, Redcliffe and Scarborough, proceeding west along the shoreline of Deception Bay until the intersection at the western boundary of Post Code 4022 (Rothwell). The boundary travels south along Coman Street North and proceeds west along the southern boundary of the Post Code 4508 (Deception Bay) following the southern boundary of the North Lake Environmental Park until the intersection with Boundary Road. Proceed west along Boundary Road until the intersection with the Bruce Highway (M1). The boundary proceeds south along the Bruce Highway until the commencement point at the intersection with the North Pine River.